What Others Have Said

Don’t take my word for it, see what others have said about Mad About Trade.

“Griswold explains the complicated mechanisms of world trade with brisk, easy-to-read prose.” – Publishers Weekly

“There are few subjects so important and so misunderstood as the value of international trade to the American public. Dan Griswold does a masterful job explaining these issues in this highly readable and enjoyable book.” – Frederick W. Smith, chairman and CEO, FedEx Corp.

“Griswold has managed to compose a volume as accessible and persuasive as it is indispensable, as fresh and uplifting as it is firmly grounded in accumulated wisdom–a rare bird, indeed.” – The American Spectator

“Mad about Trade explains in plain English how important more open trade has been in growing the American middle class and how devastating it would be were we to reverse course.” – Clayton Yeutter, former U.S. Trade Representative

“Daniel Griswold’s tour de force explores, reasons and documents how import competition benefits the American consumer [through] lower real prices, more choices, better quality.” – The Washington Times

“This concise treatise, written by Daniel Griswold, head of Cato’s Center for Trade Studies, makes a convincing case for free trade as not only the economically superior path, but also the morally superior one.” – Richmond (VA) Post-Dispatch


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