Real growth and prosperity vs. artificial stimulus

Loved this short letter in the August 21 issue of Barron’s Weekly. Word for word, it is hard to top the wisdom packed into this short item:

To the Editor:
Our inflationary policies, financed with debt, have provided prosperity and growth that is more illusory than real. Our debt addiction offers a short-term high, but it extracts a fearsome penalty in the long run. Our problem is a lack of contentment, patience, and self-control. People want it all, and they want it now. Real growth and prosperity come as a result of hard work, prudent investment and productivity, not artificial stimulus.

John W. Supp Jr.
Mechanicsville, MD

One response to “Real growth and prosperity vs. artificial stimulus

  1. Nice effort but it misses the point that some citizens are in a different situation than the writer. It is not a debt addiction when one knows the jobless cannot live off of nothing so that requires prudent investment to keep their unemployment benefits from expiring so they can purchase goods within the economy. For other jobless it requires giving them a job which in a lot of instances have been projects such as rebuilding our roads and highways which are badly in need of repair which kills two birds with one stone. This is hard work, productivity and prudent investment produced from a working stimulus.

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